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China welcomes Vietnam’s early-ripening lychees

Shipments of Vietnam’s early-ripening lychees to China in recent days have received a positive response from the Chinese market, filling the gap before the country’s lychees are ready for harvest.

Citing customs in Guangxi, Chinese media reported that May and June are the busiest months for lychee imports through border checkpoints between the two countries.

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Vietnam's early ripening lychees exported to China.

In recent days, fleets of trucks carrying Vietnamese lychees have been cleared at the Huu Nghi International Border Gate, bringing the first batches of the 2023 season to Chinese consumers.

Due to differences in climate, Vietnamese lychees usually ripen one month earlier than Chinese lychees, allowing them to be harvested and exported to the Chinese market one month ahead.

Enterprises usually take advantage of this supply gap to increase the import of Vietnam’s early ripening lychees.

According to Meng Yuchun, representative of a cooperative in Pingxiang (Guangxi), imported lychees sell very well in May each year and customs clearance and transport at the border is fast and efficient.

To facilitate the clearance of Vietnamese lychees, Chinese customs have opened a green lane for fresh agricultural products so that Vietnamese lychees can quickly reach Chinese consumers.

According to the Chinese side, almost 546 tonnes of Vietnamese lychees have entered China through the Huu Nghi International Border Gate as of May 24.

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China, Vietnam, early-ripening lychees, positive response, Chinese market, lychee imports, Huu Nghi International Border Gate, Chinese consumers
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