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Good citizen is ready to donate blood and save people

(BGO) – For recent 12 years, Hoang Thi Chung (born in 1974) in An Chau town of Son Dong district (Bac Giang province) has regularly donated her blood to save others.

Chung shared: “I firstly donated blood in 2010. After that I felt better because I can help save some needy cases”.

Good citizen, ready to donate blood, save people, Hoang Thi Chung, needy cases, type O blood,  blood reserve, critical condition

Hoang Thi Chung donates blood to save others.

In 2021, a woman in Le Vien commune suffered severe blood loss shock due to an ectopic pregnancy. Though the relatives donated two blood units to her, it could not meet the demand while the blood reserve at the district Medical Center had no more type O blood.

After receiving the information at midnight, Chung immediately came to the center and donated 250ml blood to save the patient out of critical condition.

Few months later, Chung took her relative to hospital for health examination. When they were waiting for their turn, she heared doctor’s urgent notice to ask for type O blood for 80 year old patient in emergency condition. As natural reaction, she said: “I have type O blood, just take mine first”.

Since the first donation, Chung has donated blood 13 times, each ranging from 250 to 350ml. She not only donates blood but also positively spreads its meaning to her families, relatives, friends and member of the women’s union where she is working at.

“It is a good deed to donate blood and save others because now there are many patients in need of blood transfusion to get better. I will continue sharing my blood until I am healthy,” Chung said.

Chairwoman of the district Women’s Union Dinh Thi Tuyet sharedd: “Chung is a bright model in voluntary blood donation campaign, helping save many people. Playing the role of Chairwoman of the Women’s Association in the town, Chung is active in every task, especially supporting poor women member”.


Xuan Thoa
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Good citizen, ready to donate blood, save people, Hoang Thi Chung, needy cases, type O blood, blood reserve, critical condition
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