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Bac Giang reviving “cheo” folk singing

16:07 | 29/11/2022

The northern province of Bac Giang has long been known for “cheo” singing - a type of Vietnamese traditional opera. Regardless of age, local people all share a passion for traditional “cheo” performances.

Vietnam has two more Asia-Pacific documentary heritage

12:27 | 27/11/2022

Two heritage pieces of Vietnam were recognised as part of documentary heritage in Asia and the Pacific on November 26, at the 9th general meeting of the Memory of the World Committee for Asia and the Pacific in Andong city, the Republic of Korea.​

This dragon chicken in northern Vietnam can cost you $200

11:08 | 15/11/2022

A man from the northern province of Hung Yen has made a fortune by selling salted boiled chicken using his hometown's rare breed - dragon chicken.

Hanoi eatery stands out with fragrant, fatty waterbug sauce

11:00 | 02/11/2022

A steamed rice rolls stall in Hanoi has made a mark for itself with a dipping sauce made with waterbug extract and fish sauce, keeping its patrons happy for five decades.

Vietnamese chef on a roll with vegan salmon sushi

15:19 | 28/10/2022

Vietnamese chef Pham Quang Minh spent about a month creating a vegan salmon sushi dish with easy-to-find ingredients like red algae and jelly powder.

Western tourists try catching fish in Vietnam terraced fields

15:47 | 24/10/2022

"Italy does not offer such experience," a tourist says of his home after getting to catch a carp in a terraced field in Vietnam's northern highlands.

Discovering 80-meter sinkhole in rocky plateau of Vietnam

16:46 | 17/10/2022

Two locals from the northern highlands' Ha Giang Province take tour guide Giap Van Hai down a sheer and rugged cliff to the bottom of a 80-meter-deep sinkhole.

My Son Sanctuary - Remnants of the Champa Kingdom

17:01 | 10/10/2022

There was a unique culture on the coast of contemporary Vietnam from the 4th to 13th centuries that owed its spiritual origins to Hinduism in India. It is best illustrated by the remains of impressive tower temples in what was the religious and political capital of the Champa Kingdom.