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Culture >> Traditional art
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Efforts to spread traditional cultural values on digital platforms

Updated: 16:40, 10/04/2024

Amidst the explosion of modern audio-visual entertainment methods, many traditional art forms seem to be somewhat overshadowed. Is there any way to help the nation's unique traditional cultural values continue to spread and find a foothold in today's life?

Concerned with that question, many artists have proactively studied digital technology applications to find suitable methods to realise their desire to introduce the cultural quintessence of the nation via social networking platforms.

The artisans perform Xoan singing at Thet Communal House in Kim Duc Commune, Viet Tri City, Phu Tho Province.

In the last days of March, people who love Xoan singing (a folk music genre in Vietnam's northern midland province of Phu Tho) were extremely excited to enjoy the programme introducing the musical heritage of Xoan singing on the YouTube channel “Folk Songs & Traditional Music”.

This is a project by musician Nguyen Quang Long and his colleagues, aiming to introduce 16 ancient Xoan songs, which were recorded in the style of ancient performances. They hoped to show Xoan songs performed according to ancient rules so that the public could enjoy or exploit them as materials for research.

The project of introducing the musical heritage of Xoan singing was one of many meaningful programmes that have been enthusiastically implemented by art units, artists, and cultural researchers in recent years. Vietnam Tuong (Classical Drama) Theatre has developed its own YouTube channel to post the most unique Tuong excerpts and plays performed by the theatre’s artists.

In the field of Cai luong (Reformed Opera), People's Artist Bach Tuyet is an outstanding example, and her diligent research and innovation to adapt to the needs of the public in the new context.

At the age of approximately 80, she still strives to learn the technology’s advances and is considered a pioneer in promoting the Cai luong art form on social networks.

After three years of persistently bringing Cai Luongcloser to the domestic and foreign public, artist Bach Tuyet's YouTube channel has produced over 1,400 videos, attracting a large number of audiences.

These efforts are of extremely important significance, especially when some traditional art forms were recognised by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritages of Humanity in need of urgent safeguarding and have been gradually disappearing from community activities.

The artists’ efforts have attracted the attention of many young people to join hands to develop traditional art forms.

For example, the project entitled “Cheo 48h – I come back to my homeland” has been carried out by young people of the “Gen Z” generation. With a youthful, friendly and creative method of operation and videos with useful content, such as Xam singing (ballads sung by wandering blind musicians) in cultural adaptation and Xam singing seen from contemporary music, the group’s YouTube channel and Facebook page have received great attention from the community.

The group has organised many meetings and activities during the weekends to practice and introduce the art of Cheo singing to many audiences of all ages, gradually bringing a form of folk culture closer to modern life.

The above reality shows that with a suitable and attractive method, traditional art forms will certainly continue to find a solid position in today's life.

In the context of the strong development of digital technology and the increasing number of social network users, the spread and promotion of the nation's traditional cultural values on digital platforms has been becoming an urgent requirement.

With user-friendly features that allow widespread connection without limitations in time and space, social networks will make the traditional artistic quintessence of the nation more popular, contributing to introducing and promoting the land and people of Vietnam to international friends.

However, to spread the traditional cultural values more effectively, in addition to the enthusiasm and dedication of many artists, the participants must have more creative and new methods, aiming to limit the problem of following temporary trends as well as superficial, poor and counterproductive contents.

Source: NDO


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