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More than 2,000 artists join Xoe Thai Folk Dance Festival in Dien Bien

Updated: 17:46, 18/03/2024
Xoe Thai Folk Dance Festival was held in Dien Bien Province on March 17, attracting thousands of visitors.

The event drew 14 teams from high schools, education facilities, training departments, and cultural clubs in Dien Bien Province.


More than 2,000 artists join Xoe Thai Folk Dance Festival in Dien Bien.

Each team competed in two parts, requiring them to perform at least three folk Xoe dances as well as at least three Xoe dances which were arranged and choreographed by themselves.

The dances were accompanied by folk music and songs about Dien Bien Province.

The highlight of the festival was a mass Xoe dance which gathered more than 2,000 dancers and artists.

The art of Xoe dance of the Thai ethnic minority people in Vietnam was recognised as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by the UNESCO in December 2021.

“Xoe” means a dance with movements that represent human activities in rituals, cultural activities, life, and labour. Xoe is performed during ceremonies, weddings, festivals, and cultural events of the community.

Xoe reflects Thai people’s world views and their outlook on life, including the world in the heavens, on the earth, and of the gods. It also expressed people’s wishes of the help and blessings from the gods for a wealthy and peaceful life.

Endless experiences in the historical land of Dien Bien
Not only is it a historical destination that attracts tourists to the Special National Historical Relic Site of Dien Bien Phu Battlefield, which is dedicated to the Dien Bien Phu Victory, Dien Bien Province is also an attractive destination for natural and cultural tourism.
French agency releases photo book on Dien Bien Phu campaign
The French Defense Audiovisual Agency (ECPAD) has made public a photo book on the Dien Bien Phu campaign in Vietnam, including never-before-seen images, on the occasion of its 70th anniversary.
March 14, 1954: Enemy's forces reinforced at Dien Bien Phu, Vietnamese soldiers attack Doc Lap Hill stronghold
The loss of Him Lam shocked the command of the French Far-East Expeditionary Corps in the North. However, the French colonialists could not do anything because the Muong Thanh airport area was tightly controlled by Vietnamese artillery. At 7 o'clock on April 14, 1954, Vietnamese soldiers' anti-aircraft artillery shot down the first plane.
New art show launched in response to Vietnam Tourism Year - Dien Bien 2024
The Dien Bien Provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism has launched a new art show entitled ‘Legends of Uva’ in response to Vietnam Tourism Year - Dien Bien 2024 and the Ban (Bauhinia) Flower Festival.
Panorama depicting historic Dien Bien Phu Victory introduced via QR code
The panorama painting depicting the historical Dien Bien Phu battlefield at different times from late 1953 to May 7, 1954, is introduced to visitors at the Dien Bien Phu Victory Museum in the northern province of Dien Bien through QR scanning.

Source: NDO


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